Why Transylvania?

Transylvania flying ways

  • Discover beautiful new places
  • Gain experience flying various sites
  • Profit from the cheap commodities
  • Enjoy our latin-flavored hospitality
  • Taste european/balkan/asian mixed cuisine
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Why us?

We are 3 local pilots with over 5 years of experience, happy to guide you to your best flights.

About us


For 2016 we have prepared a set of 5 tours, one every month starting May and ending September.
May tour
A great 10% discount is offered on this tour. Please check here what is included.
June, July and August tours
This is the most thermal active period of the year, the best for long XC flights in the mountains and the flats.
September tour
Looking for great days of calm flying, or maybe a spectacular XC flight in the high mountains of Fagaras?
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