If you choose one of our flying tours in South Transylvania you can rest assure that we will do our best to offer a complete experience! And we know very well that a good part of this experience is given by how you feel after a long flying day.

Based on the above we have carefully chosen locations that are both great in term of services and at a reasonable prices as well. To be frank, if you ever participated to any of the paragliding tours in West Europe or elsewhere, you will be pleasantly surprised of what we have to offer!

Transylvaniafly "base camp" will be near Brasov and most of the flying places will be at max 2 hours reach by car. This will give us enough time to be "home" in Brasov even after some long flying days. More precisely we propose you two hostels located in the city of Sacele, just minutes away from one of our landing places in Bunloc.

Vila Trapez it is a fresh finding in our list of accommodation, very much appreciated of the last year groups. It is a guest house, in fact a small hotel just near the landing place - a location that a regular paraglide pilot will call a "deLuxe location"

With large twin rooms having a beautiful view over Postavaru and Bucegi mountains, with a good meeting room for our evening briefing, there is nothing more we could ask for. We are proposing you a place in a double room with consistent breakfast included. If you would like a single room, please let us know in advance and we will arrange it for you. Feel free to discover more of their location here.


IRIS Guest House is where we feel among friends !

The best of this location is definitely Mr. and Mrs. Sava - the owners that are eager to meet you! As a fact, they do not speak much Eglish, but by a miracle you will understand them and they will understand you.. (with a bit of help, of course). They always do their best to ensure you will enjoy every hour you spent in their guest house: starting with their very tasty home made breakfast, very clean rooms and a open air meeting place. It is also located just 5 min by foot from the landing place in Bunloc. As standard we have included for you a bed in double room a nice breakfast and a good place for sharing your flying tips with friends, while tasting Romanian beers. A good meeting place for our evening and morning briefings is included ! Check out more on their facebook page here