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Paragliding tandem flight in Transylvania


If you have joined your flying friends in one of our paragliding tours in Romania or you have just come up to this page by pure desire to experience the magic of free flight, either way you are in the right place! 

You will fly together with one of our experienced tandem pilots, and there are several types of flights you can choose from. However, for those of you discovering for the first time the beauty of free flying we propose you calm flight nearby Brasov – Bunloc peak at 1200 m or Postavaru peak at 1800 m in Poiana Brasov. As an option you can receive the full HD video and pictures.



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    All You need to know about tandem paragliding flights:

    We propose you several types of paragliding experiences: leisure flights, long duration or long distance flights in different locations in Transylvania. You will always fly together with a certified professional pilot. For your safety our equipment is certified and periodically checked and for an extra safety we always carry with us rescue parachute. You do not need any special training prior your flight but you will have to be ready to make a few running steps for the take off and landing as the pilot will instruct you. There is a weight limit of 40-100 kg, and children will fly having their parents agreement. Please do not forget your mountain shoes and long sleeves blouse even if is summer outside ! For those dreaming of more we can offer paragliding courses trough our partners.

    Before you make a reservation we advise you to read about the options you have:  our locations and type of flight pages are here to help. You can reserve your flight online by phone or email any time time but we are 100% dependent on the weather conditions. As a direct conclusion, any reservation with us will be re-confirmed with max. 48 hrs prior to flight.