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If you have never been around you are probably asking yourself what to expect from a guided paragliding trip in Transylvania? Shall it be a fantastic XC experience, or rather easier flying spots with a lot of landing opportunities? Will it be strong thermals or rather mild ones? Well, the answer to all these questions is YES - because we have set our mind to show you many many beautiful spots, matching your experience level. But we will be honest with you stating that if you have in mind record breaking adventures with hundred km easy reachable, well - you will need some skills to master a combination between high alpine, low hills and flatland flying.

Carefully choosing the best take off places with safe and reliable landings as per each season of the year, we will guide you in the heart of Carpathian Mountains for a memorable flying experience. As a starting point we have choose the city of Brasov, surrounded by mountains and being at a reasonable distance from the best flying places around.

Departing from here, depending of the weather forecast we will choose for you some well-known flying places such as Poiana Brasov, Fagaras, Cheia, Priseaca (PWC place), Miercurea Ciuc, Caraiman or even Bunloc. Some of these are reachable by car, some will have a chair lift to take us up and some will require up to 40 min walking. April to September are generally good months for thermic and XC flights here and therefore most of our tours will be within this interval.

As for the transport we can arrange for you both pick up from the hostel to the take-off places (cable car or off road vehicle not included) and free retrieval in the pre-defined routes. This basically means that if you master the XC you will have to make sure you land near the indicated roads.

Accommodation will be provided for you in Brasov or in the locations we will stop over, at clean hostels, in double bed rooms, breakfast included. Plenty of cheap and good restaurants are around to ensure your evenings are a success as well. To make even surer about this we will also organize for you a traditional Romanian evening, with drinks, food and good mood included!

Your safety is a concern for you when traveling and flying to Easter Europe? Well, this will not be the case if you choose us. Not only that you will have you always in Radio/GSM contact, that we will have a car available for your retrieval, but you will also be advised how to avoid (only few, but they exist, we have to admit) potentially unsafe landing areas.


  • 1. Pick up from Brasov Railway station (please note that closest airport to Brasov are Bucharest or Sibiu at an equal distance of 170 km each. Airport pick-up is possible but not included in the price)
  • 2. Double bed accommodation with breakfast for all nights included in the tour. We will stay in clean hostels near the take-off and you will have a nice breakfast included in the price.
  • 3. Daily delivery to the take-off area (we will not be able to reach the exact take off by car in all places so please be ready for a small hike or a ride with cable car if available – not included in the price)
  • 4. Daily retrieval. Each day we will provide you with a map and the best retrieving places along the way; you will have to reach this places in order to be picked up. Normally we will have this retrievals along national roads. You will have to provide us your exact location (using GPS coordinates, name of the village, etc.) and the best idea is to land together your fellows.
  • 5. Safety briefings before and after each flying day. We will provide you a radio frequency for retrieving, maps, weather forecast, description of the take-off and landing possibility, etc.
  • 6. One traditional evening. Flying is one thing, but leaving Transylvania without tasting its rich traditions is another! Therefore we will organize for you a traditional evening with food, drink, dances and a fireplace under the blue sky. Is an experience you don’t want to miss!


Not sure if you should join? Well, you will need to be a pilot with some flying experience in thermal, XC and basic mountain flying.

We will, however, choose the flying sites in such a way to accommodate various level pilots, making first sure that reaching official landing will be a non-event for any type of pilot. In the same time these flying spots have a good potential for thermal and distance crossing, making it easy to transform a good day into your personal best XC!



Requirements for participation

In order to join Transylvania Flying tours you need to be a fully licensed paragliding pilot with some thermic flying experience. Our take-off and landing places will be in general fairly accessible but generally you will need to rely on your experience to make the most out of your trip. Please note that we will provide safety briefing before every flight, including mete condition, map of the terrain, landing spots, etc. However this is not a flying course and air to air guidance will be minimal from the organisers.

Safe and time wise retrieval will be done assuming you respect the retrieving paths provided in the briefing, for this we need to communicate rapidly with you, and your radio and GSM (smartphone) will highly value.

Not the last, please don’t forget that the ultimate responsibility for a safe flight is in your hands! Therefore we will request from you a third party paragliding insurance. As we collaborate closely with AXXA insurance we can also offer on your request this type of insurance, providing you let us know in advance.

Having said all of the above, here are the must have before joining our tours:

  • 1. National paragliding licence from your country (in copy and original)
  • 2. Third party liability insurance (we can also provide it to you in advance, on demand)
  • 3. Radio on 130-180 Mhz and/or 400-520 Mhz (PMR are also accepted)
  • 4. Variometer with GPS
  • 5. Up and running mobile phone (preferably with retrieving software installed such as GPS find me and also preferably with a paragliding software such as XC Track or XC Soar installed)
  • 6. Of course, your fully paragliding gear including your rescue parachute, paragliding helmet, harness and your wing

Your non flying friends or family are more than welcome to join, as we can offer tandem paragliding flight for them, so don’t let them stay home! For more information please visit

Not Included:

  • 1. Airport pick-up - transport from Bucharest or Sibiu airports to Brasov.
  • 2. Lunches and dinners (except the traditional evening). If is your first time visiting Romania, you will be pleased to know that is a relatively cheap country compared with other European countries. We will find a lot of good restaurants to eat with 10-15 Euros each.
  • 3. After flight retrieval outside the indicated retrieval places.

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